SPEAKING: Eliakim is a multi-faceted, multi-talented, passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic speaker who has the ability to develop thought-provoking and spiritually enlightening topics with the intent of transforming organizations and people. He has the uncanny ability to synthesize information to produce outcomes, goals, and change. When Eliakim speaks, it will feel as if he is speaking directly to you! To learn more about some of Eliakim's speaking topics....CLICK HERE

COACHING/CONSULTING: Eliakim's diverse background gives him the ability to work with organizations, churches, communities, schools, and people. Eliakim Thorpe has worked in Corporate America as a sought after IT professional, working for Fortune 10 to Fortune 500 companies for almost 20 years; has served in positions with non-profit organizations; is a successful Entrepreneur who has generated millions of dollars in his businesses; has taught to thousands of people in churches; has been a national and international radio host to authors, world-renowned spiritual teachers, and leaders. These multiple disciplines have given Eliakim the necessary skills to assist you and/or your organization to reaching  goals while also developing an intimate relationship to assess your needs. To learn more about the benefits of Eliakim as your coach....CLICK HERE

PROGRAMS: If you or any organization need a more intense multi-day session, then Eliakim's programs can assist you. His systematic approach within each program allows you and/or organizations to develop solutions to creating growth, developing new innovative ideas, developing new vision and mission statements, clarifying your goals and objectives, transforming people, and motivating people and/or organizations. To learn more about some of the programs offered by Eliakim....CLICK HERE

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